The story series of the Indigenous People of Dalem Tamblingan as a place of learning in 4 villages: Munduk, Gobleg, Gesing and Umajero.
Feel the journey in Nusa Penida island - Bali with JED (Ecotourism Village Network), a new trip opened for ecotourism guest who wants to know about the livelihood in Nusa Penida. Get the experience about seaweeds farmers, cepuk traditional weaving, sacred temples, the cliffs, traditional foods and many others...visit

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Feel the Journey of Nusa Penida
Dari Desa Soap
Explore Talaud Ecotourism

Documentary Video

Hutan Pangan di Tanah Harapan
That Which Roots, Spreads

Education Video

Building Earthquake-safe House
Wooden and Semi Wooden House
Flores Eagle

Video for Kids

Flood and Landslide
Mina and Waste
Healthy Food Smart Family

Music Video

Busur Hujan - Navicula
Bali Berani Berhenti - Navicula
Love Bomb - Navicula


Photo from the field

Solar Powered Water Pumping System - Desa Pajam - Wakatobi

Kebun Berdaya

Photography Training

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